Golf Scope Reticle

Golf Scope Reticle

Golf Scope Reticle is a rangefinder, distance meter or estimator to better estimate the distance to the flag. Improve your short game by estimating the distance to the hole on the green. 

How it works:

The flag is targeted with the reticle. The high of the flag on the display gives you the distance in meter or yard from reading the lines. It shows the distance from 25 m/yd to 200 m/yd. You can easily zoom in and out with just one finger on the display. A double tip sets the zoom to the default setting.

Press the button to freeze the image and move the reticle. Press again to unfreeze the image. Freeze the image to be able to move the reticle to the flag => facilitates measurement at large distances without heavy movements.

The app is deliberately kept small and inspired by the classic rangefinders with a reticle in the ocular. These were the usual tools before laser range finder or GPS systems came onto the market.

This app supports the fast game of golf, because you can already measure when other players are still on the green.

This app also works when the golf course has not yet been measured by GPS or when you on the practice courses. It also protects the battery of your mobile device as no GPS is required.

Available for iPhone (recommended) and iPad.
available since April 14th, 2019

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