Blow up the colors and survive

The tricky logic game. Plerion is a tile-matching color puzzle game.

Each sphere has up to three color components: Red, Green and Blue (RGB). Delete the spheres cleverly to get bonus points. Remove the enemy, the black spheres, to continue playing.

The tutorial gives you a quick insight into the complex gameplay. The training allows you to experiment freely.

The two game modes (Survival and Time) allow either a long game pleasure or a game against time.

In Survival Mode the game starts seemingly quite simple. But after a short time more and more black spheres will appear. The chance for big scores, but this restricts more and more. Until no more spheres can be cleared away.

Time runs out in Time Mode. Certain combinations and the clearing of the black spheres give valuable bonus time.

Available for iPhone, iPad and Mac.
available since April 14th, 2019
available since April 12th, 2019

Different screenshots from Mac

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